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Attic Self Storage Mystery Shopping




Attic Self Storage offers self storage with a difference. Modern, clean, secure facilities, at a great price plus added benefits such as complimentary 24-hour access, but their driving focus is exceptional customer service! They know that above all, Customer Experience will make Attic the first choice for domestic and business storage in London.

The Attic approach is to make storage as convenient as possible so that customers view storage units as an extension of their home or business, and to do that Attic prioritise and invest heavily in team training, skills and morale, because great people deliver great experiences.

We chose Yomdel based on their reputation for Customer Experience insight and excellence, and they have lived up to it. Yomdel have enabled us to identify and implement improvements within our business, and played a key role in our sales success this year, and in helping us win a FEEFO Platinum Award.

Jose Meneses | Senior Manager (Sales)



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plus, shopper Performance Scores

stores highest ever scores

2020 Feefo Platinum Service Award



Like all highly ambitious businesses, in a competitive market, Attic approached Yomdel with a business growth challenge fuelled by a sales drive. With 3 storage locations and more on the way, Attic are expanding rapidly. By harnessing new technologies and automating processes for maximum customer convenience, Attic are building a phenomenal customer experience for the 21st century.

But Attic know that to stay at the top of your own game, and ahead of the competition, you need to constantly measure yourself and constantly improve. New processes mean new training, and new standards of excellence, and that's where Yomdel were able to help.



Yomdel constructed a monthly recurring, multi-channel Mystery Shopping programme, which would assess selected Attic Self Storage sites every month, thereby creating a measurement programme which could drive constant improvement through the year.

  • Website enquiries were screen captured and documented, all email responses saved and scored on timeliness and helpfulness
  • Telephone calls were recorded and scored in the same manner, with follow-ups documented and assessed
  • Face to face store visits were videoed and scored against a set of carefully constructed assessment criteria

Yomdel uses a balanced scorecard methodology, incorporating objective best-practice measurement criteria, and also subjective, personal commentary by the mystery shopper. Every branch is measured across 2 key assessment areas: Customer Experience and Sales Compliance.

Highly trained, local shoppers use state-of-the-art equipment, and a customer Self-Storage Sector designed assessment structure, to produce written and video reports across all stages of the customer sales journey on a monthly basis. 

The dedicated Attic questionnaire formats are updated constantly to ensure that incremental improvement opportunities can be identified, month after month. In this way, Attic can target evolving components of the sales process, to drive improvement and revenue growth.



During the Coronavirus Crisis and the enforced UK lockdown, Attic adapted their customer experience to create a safe environment for customers and staff, ensuring that customers could continue to use their services without risk.

The adjusted customer processes, and limited access restrictions, required Yomdel to adapt the programme, creating an emphasis and focus on Attic's remote and virtual services, which were now their predominant customer interface.

In addition to telephone calls and web enquiries, and in place of face to face in store visits, Yomdel now assessed video visits and virtual tours: services which Attic were quick to offer their customers in Lockdown.

Yomdel created COVID-19 specific measurement criteria that now included assessment of safety measures and customer comfort with new processes.



With a consistent monthly measurement programme in place, Attic have been able to create a culture of constant improvement.

From early 2017 onwards, they have consistently achieved improving scores, regularly resetting benchmark targets, following rounds of improvement.

A key area identified for improvement was consistency of quality throughout each stage of their sales process. Some stages were stronger than others, and through focused measurement they have been able to improve performance to consistent levels across the customer journey.

In March 2020, they achieved their highest ever performance scores across the group, with scores over 90%, something which is incredibly motivating for their whole team.

Additionally, the new video visits have already scored at the same levels in their first month of operation!

Attic particularly benefit from our methodology which blends subjective shopper comments, capturing 'soft' outcomes like 'feelings', alongside the objective best-practice criteria driven scorecards. These comments bring scorecards to life, and enable Attic teams to work on soft skills, emotional intelligence and adapting their sales approach to different personalities. 

Attic have made the Mystery Shopping programme a real source of energy for their staff, and a point of pride. Staff are able to listen to their own tested calls, which is an intrinsic part of their learning and development process.



In 2020, Attic were awarded the Feefo Platinum Service Award. This signifies that they have achieved consistently high ratings from customers over a sustained period of 3 years.

Their Mystery Shopping programme has been a fundamental ingredient in this, which has directly translated in to financial success.

Watch this space for the next chapter in Attic's success!



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