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Reduce Cart Abandonment With Live Chat (Infographic)

 Cart abandonment can be driven by a variety of factors. But while so much time is spent by ecommerce businesses agonising over improving user...

5 ways live chat operators personalise online shopping

When looking to personalise online shopping, skilled live chat operators can play a major part. It is widely accepted that the more personal a...

How to test your live chat service: Part 4 - Choose your resources

By Rob North, COO, Yomdel

24/7 live chat resourcing needn't be expensive

By Andy Soloman, CEO, Yomdel Live chat is growing in popularity, and more and more businesses are realising the fantastic results that can be...

Four New Year resolutions for successful ecommerce in 2013

How to test your live chat service: Part 2 – Defining test coverage

How will you go about defining test coverage for your live chat service?
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