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Adams Estate Agents

Leading the way with Yomdel Guild Plus
generated 70 additional sales leads


As a member of the Guild of Property Professionals, Adams Estate Agents quickly signed up for the member exclusive arrangement between the Guild and Yomdel, which entitled them to put fully managed 24/7 Live Chat on their website absolutely FREE.

The service known as Yomdel Guild Plus, only charges a commission in the event of a successful property sale. It is entirely results based! And only 'sales leads' attract a commission - all other chats including leads for buyers, landlords and tenants are completely free!

Adams' Success

Yomdel's 24/7 fully managed live chat service on the Adams website generated an additional 70 sales valuation leads from motivated sellers.

In addition, the service delivered a dozen new landlord opportunities and significant volumes of active buyers.

Crucially, 56% of all chats take place outside office hours, meaning Adams is able to offer support to potential customers when the office is closed, an important USP in its area.

Yomdel Guild Plus is a unique benefit for Guild members, who can have the award-winning 24/7 live chat service for free. All leads are sent direct to the agent, with the exception of vendors that are transferred via the Guild Referral System.

The service has created a huge impact on Adams' customers, as evidenced in the exceptional 100% customer satisfaction scores they achieved in 2019!

Your Opportunity

If you'd like to benefit from the same opportunity to provide exceptional service experience to your customers, which translates directly into valuable sales leads for your business, get in touch today.

See our Yomdel Guild Plus page for further information, where you will also find a downloadable service agreement which provides full details of the service and terms.

Join other Guild Members already experiencing:

  • Hundreds of new sales valuations captured for Guild members

  • Thousands of chats round the clock with customers online

  • Exceptional customer satisfaction scores over 96%

  • 38% of successful valuations are resulting in new sales listings

  • Yomdel Guild Plus referrals generating 'SOLD' revenue

  • Significant local COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

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Yomdel Guild Plus

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